25 September 2009


Geoff and I returned from South Carolina last night. What a heart wrenching and soul wrenching week. Dad's viewing was on Monday and his service and burial/interment were on Wednesday. Seeing such a strong man in his casket knocked the breath out of me, and I broke down completely when Geoff and I returned to our hotel room. Dad was Episcopalian, so the service was easy to follow. The sermon was wonderful- Dad was well loved by the church members and his neighbors, as he should have been. His erudition and brilliance were highlighted, as were his brutal honesty and his stoicism.

Just before his health took a turn for the worse, I had made a photo book for him, in the hopes of allaying the encroaching dementia. Of course it did not arrive in time for my parents' 48th wedding anniversary, and I had to order a second one, which did arrive when expected. Then the first one arrived!!!! Mom left one at the nursing home and his friends and neighbors loved looking at the pictures of Daddy romping with us playing piggyback, and sticking our his tongue at my college graduation dinner. These were insights to Dad no one knew outside of his children. Imagine my shock to hear a couple of them mentioned in the sermon.

Dad was a great man, loved by his family, and sorely missed. My heart aches just thinking of him.

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