29 December 2008

Fifth Day of Christmas, Part Deux

Regarding the program on the French Revlution Agnes and I watched on the History Channel, I made an interesting observation for our time.

When the Revolution began, Robespierre sought to eradicate Royalty and Religion, especially the Catholic Church, from France, with the premise that these things were oppressive and enslaving to the people of France, and based on superstitious nonsense.

That sounds eerily similar to the arguments made by the elites today, especially the pro-abortion crowd. And lest we forget Obama's words about those of us who "cling to religion and guns."

Robespierre and his henchmen sent thousands of men, women and children to the guillotine before the Terror was finished, all in the name of preserving the new France.

Ironically, it was Robespierre's own arrogance that brought him to the same fate he had inflicted on countless victims. As he became more and more fanatical, it became clear that his desire to rid France of the Monarchy and the Church was based not on the "oppressiveness" of the institutions themselves, but on the fact that Robespierre actually thought he was God.

However else the French may have felt about the Revolution, they did not tolerate Robespierre's desire to be the new God. Beig the coward that he was, Robespierre even tried to escaape the same fate as his victims by shooting himself. The wound wasn't fatal, but the guillotine was.

Today, history does not judge him favorably, and if Obama isn't careful, history will not be kind to him, either

A thorn in the pew: So that's where they went...

A thorn in the pew: So that's where they went...

Infertility and Miscarraige

While I have only been blogging for two weeks, I found two blogs, A Thorn in the Pew, and Sew Infertile, that have helped me immeasurably with my inner demons. Geoff and I were married when I was 40.5 years old, and he was 33. (Yes, I am a cradle snatcher, but he pursued me relentlessly, proposing seven times on our third date. Of course I said yes, and we then ahd a 15 month engagement). Having suffered from female problems in the past, I was concerned about my fertility. My then OB, a Catholic who understood my stance on life issues, referred me to a fertility specialist who did not take insurance of any kind, and I had little savings. We tried a fertility practice referred to us by our insurance, and what a dreadful experience that was- I saw one doctor and was treated by another. The first was an Orthodox Jew who I thought understood my aversion to IVF, etc, and annotated these aversions in my medical file. What followed was absolute horro- the second doctor, when I repeatedly objected to IVF, which he was pushing and which I adamantly refused, claimed to be half Catholic and half Jewish and that he had lots of Catholic women undrgo prohibited procedures. I underwent tests, sonograms and daily shots for several months, to no avail. if I was late, I had great hope, that would be dashed, and the cycle would begin again. When the "collection condom" came into the picture, we just looked at one another and balked. Our confessor at St. Catherine's in Middletwon must have dreaded my weekly presence in confession- I ususalyy wept in my grief and despair. AT Easter three years ago, I completely broke down during Mass, and had to be helped out by my husband- a young woman, who was a fellow parishioner, was there with her second out of wedlock child, a newborn, and my giref came out. I have never conceived, and feel the pain of these two women. I learned the Creighton method of NFP long before I met Geoff so that I would be prepared for marriage, and I still check my mucus, etc, but no longer chart. I am unable to talk of my despair with my family, since I am expected to accept it due to my age and my "sacandalous" background. (I was previously married twice, and have the requisite annulemtns, both the lengthy and the non lengthy) I cannot bore Geoff with my grief of which he is aware every month, no matter how I try to hide it. I make bad jokes about being his starter wife, etc, which upsets him. and he reminds me of Sarah and Abraham, and of Elizabeth. Now even the Veggie Tales has done a DVD on Sarah and Abraham. Geoff is convinced that we will have children, so I place this in God's, and Geoff's hands.

"On the Fifth Day of Christmas"

While doing my daily required reading (Catholic, then politics), I encountered this link on The Curt Jester- Since I love Taki's Mag, I just had to post q quote from the inestimable John Zmirak:, writing on "The Black Comedy of Kwanzaa" What makes this quote so poignant for me is that last night while channel surfing, Geoff and I encountered a rerun of the History Channel's "The French Revolution". I was appalled again as I was at the first viewing of this piece of garbage passing itself off as history. The King was denigrated as a tyrant, which Louis XVI certainly was not. It overlooked his attempts to ameliorate the tax burdens of his subjects by his desire to tax the wealthy, who paid little or no taxes. (No, not shades of what Obama and his fellow socialists want to do today-) At every turn , his reforms were rejected out of hand. A weak man, he was still honorable in his desire to do what was best for his country, and for God. He supported reform, not for the sake of reform as so called "progressives" do, but for the benefit of his subjects. He was probably the only Bourbon dynasty monarch faithful to his wife, in thought, word and deed. May he and his much maligned Queen rest in peace-

"French nationalism could be even more absurd, since it tried to meld the particularities for which Frenchmen really loved their nation with the universalist principles of the Revolution that destroyed it. What they ended up with was a kind of Gallic pseudo-Zionism: These principles are for everyone, everywhere—and if you resist, we have a few divisions of Zouaves who’ll force you to be free. But the French are unique for discovering them, and the French nation is somehow the sacred bearer of these eternal truths—as the Jews were of the Law. Now every year, Frenchmen on Bastille Day celebrate the event that wrecked their system of government (they haven’t yet come up with a durable replacement); persecuted their religion; got millions of their citizens executed, starved, or killed in useless wars; and rendered the nation helpless against colonization by Mohammedans, who will in a few generations rule it. Vive le Roi!"

23 December 2008

Abortion in this time of love and triumph

Geoff and I both dearly love the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". My dad took several of my siblings and myself see it when it was first released, and I subsequently grew up wanting to be Sally Ann Howe, complete with white dress and long blonde hair held back by the braid. (Yes, I still want to be her- I have the long hair, but it is gray with blonde highlights)

We were watching it one night, and we were struck dumb by the characters of Vulgaria- the child catcher, the Baron and the Baroness being the most egregious arbiters of abortion. (And this movie came out years before Roe) In Vulgaria, children are forbidden on pain of death. Children are unwanted by the ruling class and their supporters- just like today's "elites" and chattering classes in the beltway axis. Parents must hide them out of fear. The Baron employs the toymaker for his own pleasure, (remember the phrase- he who dies with the most toys wins-) and his spouse is only concerned with maintaining her figure and youth. Their narcissism is clearly a reflection of the culture of death and the world wide financial meltdown. They jointly employ a child catcher to seize any forbidden child- to me this particular character is simply an abortionist- removing unwanted children from sight and sound. Children are an inconvenience- just as they are to today's elittes, who are more concerned with their financial portfolios, their careers, and other material concerns, than what is truly important The court of Vulgaria is filled with similar minded toadies and sycophants, just like the Democrat Party, its FOCA supports and Planned Parenthood. They live only for themselves and the future is of no concern for them. Then, they are hoist on their own petard when they are overthronw by the red staters and their teaming multitudes of children.
so, there is hope in this battle for our country;s soul.

I don;t know if Ian Fleming, the author of this tale, could read the future, but this movie was prescient.

22 December 2008

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Due to the inclement weather that struck the Capitol region of New York on Friday (snow, and lots of it- 6 inches on Fridday, three more Saturday, and at least six again yesterday), we attended the vigil service at St Margaret Mary's in Albany. Again, the wreath lighting, and again the PC elements but the sermon, on The Annunciation, was lovely. (at least what I could hear- the toddler/child from another world disrupted the sermon AND the consecration uncorrected, as usual). I love this Gospel, since I am 46, and barren so far, but it gives me hope. Geoff's faith on this issue is stronger, but so is his faith. Love this man.

Sunday, we wrapped what Santa is bringing his parents and us for Christmas. (My parental units' gifts have already been delivered by the USPS) We had Bells of St Mary's running on the DVD to set the mood, and I was bawling like a baby. Afterwards, the animated Christmas shows were played. I wept my way through Santa Claus is Coming to Town and the second Frosty the Snowman, where he marries Crystal. Then the coup de grace, Little Drummer Boy. Did know know that my tear ducts were so full!!! Tonight is Rudolph's turn.

Watching the Rankin and Bass masterpieces, I was struck by the obvious love of their craft. While the secularized mythologies took center place in their story lines, Christmas themes remained (ie, the crosses hung on the trees for Santa Claus' wedding). The "reason for the season" was not removed at all; nothing was done to diminish the real reason for season and the "night of profound love" was emphasized. Their shows allowed for the continued belief of children of all ages in Santa, and kept intact the elements of Santa Claus. The emphasis was on love, the giving of ourselves (ie- the gift of the choo choo to the Winter Warlock), and on redemption being a choice made by us (again, the Winter Warlock in his song "Put One Foot in Front of the Other"- the lyrics are Christian in their underpinings). Many of their secular stories had their origins in 20th century carols, but the real story of Christmas was still presented, and was augmented byt the secular mythologies. Compare these glorious stories to the tripe and pap on the networks and on lifetime- We all know that Rankin and Bass would never be allowed to make these treasures today, but their works grow dearer and more beautiful every year. God bless these men and all who were a part of these works of art.

Gateway Pundit: Bush Earns His Way to Heaven... But Sends the GOP to Hell

Gateway Pundit: Bush Earns His Way to Heaven... But Sends the GOP to Hell

19 December 2008

Mater and Geoff

Aunt Regina and Geoff

Friday reflections

God has been very good to us this year, and I am truly grateful for His contiuned blessings and graces. Geoff has been doing very well with his new job.

This year has also been challenging- my beloved godmother (my mom's identical twin) is now in hospice care. Over the past two days, we have been on the phone almost four hours. Aunt Regina has always been there for my family, and I simply cannot believe that she would break a promise. She promised me that she would be around until she turned old, (ie- 95 years old or more). Yes, I am taking this very hard, as is Geoff. She has been ill for over 15 years, having been misdiagnosed in New York. Not until she moved to South Carolina 11 years ago was she properly diagnosed, but is was too late. I wish I could bring myself to remember what it is that is taking her from us, but I can't- it has to do with her lungs, and nodes. (NOT cancer or emphysema- she never smoked so the likelihood of either was dimnished, even though her mother died of lung cancer at the age of 47, and SHE never smoked either) However, she has made her peace, and is blessed every month . She has received Last Rights, and her parish is wonderful. She is still shell shocked at the outpouring of love- every night another lady provides dinner for her. She is truly a special womn.

My memories of her are great- she took me to McDonald's for the first time, let me have a chocolate milk shake at IHOP (and never told my parents), took me for Clinique when I was a senior in high school, made dozens of seaters and afghans (what a talented knitter- she makes it look effortless), made my First Communion dress, which I still have; was my sponsor for Confirmation; atttended my high school graduation; earned her Associated Degree, Bachelor's Degree and an MBA attending night school. She and my Mom were forced by circumstances beyond their control, into quitting college after their mother died, and into the secretarial pools to support their youngest sis ter and brother, without complaint. (My grandfather took off after my grandmother died, and never supported his two youngest, who were minors at the time of her death) She loved us, and was not above correcting us. No one pulls the wool over her eyes.

Geoff adores her and vice versa. She and my Mom (The Twin Set, according to Geoff) go around telling all and sundry that Geoff married me to be realted to them!!!! Talk about being the odd man out in a room with these three. Would never change it either.

We saw her last month, and she perked up with Geoff - I took lots of photos, and used one of Geoff and Aunt Regina smiling at each other, while in the midst of plotting against me, for our Christmas card.

Sorry for the ramblings today- the polotical news is more of the slime making its way to the surface, and the Catholic news is pretty limited.

Gateway Pundit: 10 Years Ago Today-- President Bill Clinton Impeached

Gateway Pundit: 10 Years Ago Today-- President Bill Clinton Impeached

17 December 2008

New Bailout, Democrat style

What wonderful news for this Advent season. BHO is preparing to bailout the abortion industy, by forcing taxpayers to fund abortions and to sen more federal tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. I have copied and pasted the article here in its entirety. My soul is sickened even more so by this news. May God have mercy on us.

Senate Filibuster Sought to Prevent Obama's Abortion Industry Bailout Plans

by Steven Ertelt Editor
December 15
, 2008

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Washington, DC ( -- Barack Obama has promised he will force taxpayers to fund abortions and a leading pro-life group has launched a new effort to stop it. The Susan B. Anthony List is hoping to build support for a Senate filibuster to stop various moves to fund abortions with public money.

The group calls Obama's promise to fund abortions and send more tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, an abortion industry bailout.

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser tells that the bailout plans came in the supposed-to-be secret memo the Obama transition team posted on its web site.

“President-elect Barack Obama spoke of finding ‘common ground’ on abortion policy, but abortion advocacy groups clearly see an open door,” she says.

“After a decade of commonsense restrictions on taxpayer funding, the abortion industry thinks it deserves a bailout from Obama," Dannenfelser continued. "Today the Susan B. Anthony List launched its ‘Stop the Abortion Bailout’ campaign to mobilize thousands of activists across the country."

Dannenfelser said her group would urge pro-life advocates across the country to contact members of Congress to oppose any move to fund abortions or abortion businesses.

"Americans will send letters to their Senators with the goal of securing the 41 votes necessary to sustain a Senate filibuster of the abortion bailout," she said.

"We look forward to delivering the votes Senator McConnell needs to ensure our hard-earned taxpayer dollars stay out of abortionists’ coffers, especially since national abortion numbers are already on the decline," Dannenfelser told

The memo calls for one billion dollars in taxpayer funds for international abortion groups like International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International, a British-based abortion business.

It seeks a 133% increase in funding for the Title X program, which funds Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide. Groups call for increasing funds from $300 to $700 million in federal taxpayer funds.

The groups also want to repeal every budgetary rider restricting federal abortion funding, including the long-standing Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal taxpayer funds for abortion through the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Related web sites:
Susan B. Anthony List -

16 December 2008

More ramblings- corrupt Democrat politics as usual

Cannot believe that this incoming administration is so skin crawlingly corrupt and evil. It simply oozes out of its pores!!!. This is what we get when we Catholics fail to vote in accordance with natural law and the guidance of Holy Mother Church's teachings, all of which are found in the Bible. (I prefer the Douay Rheims myself) Reminds me of a quote from that great tv show Dinosaurs, in which the character Earl Sinclai, the mighty megalosaurus, explains that"we are required by our constitution to let the voters think they have a choice- that's democracy!" Sounds just like the last elction, doesn't it?

The auto bailout proceeds apace, against the will of the American people. I guess the 55% plus of the electorate are "unpatriotic". I count myself in that category, proudly. After all, a paternal ancestor, Jacob Maple, fought in the American Revolution at the Battles of Trenton and Monmouth, so that spirit does live on!!! (NRA members, check out this month's magazine, page 36, all about these great patriots)

My first comment!!!

What a great day- My Facebook friend, Catherine of Alexandria, read my blog!!!! Wow- She and I have a great deal of common, and I am thrilled by her support. While she calls herself a dissident recovering Catholic, I am a Vatican II recovering Catholic, so I guess I can be called the recovering rebellious Catholic. (Her fantastic blog is http://the, so check her out!!)

I recall vividly the very first time the NO was implemented in my childhood parish of Sts Phillip and James, in St. James, NY. The felt banners and the processional were a shock to my system, even at the age of 8. I loathed attending Mass from that point forward- no Latin, no incense, no gold, no vestments that reflected the Glory of God, just the colored tents, folk masses, etc. And the nuns! They jumped out of their habits, and out of their vocations faster than an Ave Maria. CCD was even more tortuous. At least I kept the presence of mind to NEVER receive in the hand- it felt unclean and unnatural. I missed the altar rails and the kneeling. I missed the awe and the peace with God, which was replaced by the noisesomeness of the unwashed hippies of the 1970s. (At least they appeared that way, with the long hair and beards, and the clothing and beads) I missed covering my head in Church. If I recall corectly, unmarried women wore white and married women wore black, and a girl started to cover her head when she received her First Communion. I felt so grown up about my veil.

How about addressing a priest, a man called by God to be alter Christi, by his given name- Still can't and my first cousin is a priest!!! (Sorry, Father Butler)

15 December 2008

Random musings

I am going to make the effort to make my blog interesting and relevant, all for the glory of God and Holy Mother Church. My beloved Geoffrey is in the hinterlands of Ohio this week running the railroad, so I am at loose ends between therapy appointments and my upcoming MRI. From noon to three EST, I will be a "dittohead", so nothing will be accomplished then.

Saturday night's Mass at my local NO parish was not as bad as expected. (Due to the ice storm and my chronic shoulder and arm pain, Geoff determined that I was unable to drive to St. Peter's in Troy safely for the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form- What a gorgeous church it is, so of course it finds itself on the bishop's 2009 closure list.) St. Margaret Mary is a lovely Church, but the tabernacle is tucked away to the left. It has lovely side niches dedicated to several saints, and is less modern than many NO parishes in its architecture. However, the deacon and priest were clad in purple, even though it was the vigil Mass for Gaudete Sunday. The homily was the ususal NO feel good stuff, and I snuck out at Communion, as I had not been to Confession this week. (Also, there was a four year old boy whose parents gave him the run of the back of the church where I was sitting, complete with Cheerios and other such treats. Neither parent corrected the behavior, but encouraged it, as did his grandparents. Then the math flash cards were pulled out- How about putting a missal in the child's hands, or even a rosary? How about teaching the sprog some reverence for Church?

Driving has been an issue, since it is my right shoulder and arm that are affected. With the head of the house (HOH) away, I am forced by necessity to drive and I find that I do not enjoy it at all. It was a relief to get home Saturday night. Thankfully we did not lose elcticity due to the ice storm.

Gateway Pundit: WOAH!... Troops Give Bush Tremendous Sendoff in Iraq (Video)

Gateway Pundit: WOAH!... Troops Give Bush Tremendous Sendoff in Iraq (Video)

13 December 2008

Gateway Pundit: China Wants US & West to Give 1% of Annual Wealth to Fight Global Warming

Gateway Pundit: China Wants US & West to Give 1% of Annual Wealth to Fight Global Warming

What els3e could you expect from the largest Communist nation on earth, that is also the world's banker? How much do we owe them via our trade deficit? How much of our debt are they financing? and now they want us to kick in 1% of OUR GDP annually? Guess who would be getting a slice of that- China, as well as their share of the TARP funding that Paulson helped push through a panic stricken, Democrat led Congress. The same Paulson who has ties to China vis a vis Goldman Sachs? The same Paulson who now says he does not know what to do to save the economy, but demanded and was granted excessive powers without check by that self same aforementioned Congress.

Gateway Pundit: Middle Class Tax Burden & Executions Fell Under Bush

Gateway Pundit: Middle Class Tax Burden & Executions Fell Under Bush

Gateway Pundit: Madigans Hold a Father-Daughter Dance Behind Hot Rod Scandal (Video)

Gateway Pundit: Madigans Hold a Father-Daughter Dance Behind Hot Rod Scandal (Video)

Gateway Pundit: Rahmbo-Blago Talks Sink Obama's Credibility

Gateway Pundit: Rahmbo-Blago Talks Sink Obama's Credibility

Parody songs, courtesy of blog (Yes, Father Z, of course)

Father Z, of course!

Father Z, again!!!!

Just a copy and paste job- you have to paste into your drop down to use. Sorry- still learning how to link!!!!

From Father Z, my favorite blog

Check out The Anchoress!!!!

Creative Minority Report: Luxembourg's Catholic Monarch - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.

Creative Minority Report: Luxembourg's Catholic Monarch - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.

07 December 2008

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics of 2008-

In the spirit of Barbara Walter's annual list of the ten most "fascinating" people, a writer on Faith and Family did her own top ten list. She instead was original in that she chose the ten most fascinating Catholics

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics

Lisa Hendey wrote a very interesting piece on Faith and Family, sharing who her ten most fascinating Catholics were for 2008. She selected some wonderful people.

Here are my ten:

1. Pope Benedict XVI

2. Fr. Frank Pavone

3. Eduardo Versategui

4. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

5. Archbishop Raymond Burke

6. Father Zuhlsdorf of "What does the Prayer Really Say>" blog

7. The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia

8. Damian Thompson of the UK, fighting againts the "Magic Circle"

9. My mother and my husband

10. Judie Brown

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics of 2008-

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics Meme

Lisa Hendey wrote a very interesting piece on Faith and Family, sharing who her ten most fascinating Catholics were for 2008. She selected some wonderful people, but I have to tell you, I have a secret list of my own.

I would like to make this a meme, as I'm eager to learn what the rest of you are thinking. The rules are to select ten of the most fascinating (living) Catholics for 2008. Then, tag at least five people for the meme.

Here are my ten:

1. Pope Benedict XVI

2. Fr. Frank Pavone

3. Eduardo Versategui

4. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

5. Archbishop Raymond Burke

6. Johnette Benkovic

7. Teresa Tomeo

8. Donna Marie Cooper - O'Boyle

9. Annie Karto

10. Judie Brown

I will tag:

1. Therese

2. Marie

3. Esther

4. Alexandra

5. Jeff

06 December 2008

Patronal Saints- 2009

Thanks to the wonderful blog at "Where Angels Fear to Tread"!!! Our patronal saints for this year are St. Catherine Laboure for me and St. Maximilain Kolbe for Geoff. What wonderful news for us- We were married in 2003 at the Parish of St. Catherine Laboure in New Jersey, and we met as a result of the intercessions and graces granted due to the Miraculous Medal Novena.

Advent Wreath