07 December 2008

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics of 2008-

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics Meme

Lisa Hendey wrote a very interesting piece on Faith and Family, sharing who her ten most fascinating Catholics were for 2008. She selected some wonderful people, but I have to tell you, I have a secret list of my own.

I would like to make this a meme, as I'm eager to learn what the rest of you are thinking. The rules are to select ten of the most fascinating (living) Catholics for 2008. Then, tag at least five people for the meme.

Here are my ten:

1. Pope Benedict XVI

2. Fr. Frank Pavone

3. Eduardo Versategui

4. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

5. Archbishop Raymond Burke

6. Johnette Benkovic

7. Teresa Tomeo

8. Donna Marie Cooper - O'Boyle

9. Annie Karto

10. Judie Brown

I will tag:

1. Therese

2. Marie

3. Esther

4. Alexandra

5. Jeff

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