19 December 2008

Friday reflections

God has been very good to us this year, and I am truly grateful for His contiuned blessings and graces. Geoff has been doing very well with his new job.

This year has also been challenging- my beloved godmother (my mom's identical twin) is now in hospice care. Over the past two days, we have been on the phone almost four hours. Aunt Regina has always been there for my family, and I simply cannot believe that she would break a promise. She promised me that she would be around until she turned old, (ie- 95 years old or more). Yes, I am taking this very hard, as is Geoff. She has been ill for over 15 years, having been misdiagnosed in New York. Not until she moved to South Carolina 11 years ago was she properly diagnosed, but is was too late. I wish I could bring myself to remember what it is that is taking her from us, but I can't- it has to do with her lungs, and nodes. (NOT cancer or emphysema- she never smoked so the likelihood of either was dimnished, even though her mother died of lung cancer at the age of 47, and SHE never smoked either) However, she has made her peace, and is blessed every month . She has received Last Rights, and her parish is wonderful. She is still shell shocked at the outpouring of love- every night another lady provides dinner for her. She is truly a special womn.

My memories of her are great- she took me to McDonald's for the first time, let me have a chocolate milk shake at IHOP (and never told my parents), took me for Clinique when I was a senior in high school, made dozens of seaters and afghans (what a talented knitter- she makes it look effortless), made my First Communion dress, which I still have; was my sponsor for Confirmation; atttended my high school graduation; earned her Associated Degree, Bachelor's Degree and an MBA attending night school. She and my Mom were forced by circumstances beyond their control, into quitting college after their mother died, and into the secretarial pools to support their youngest sis ter and brother, without complaint. (My grandfather took off after my grandmother died, and never supported his two youngest, who were minors at the time of her death) She loved us, and was not above correcting us. No one pulls the wool over her eyes.

Geoff adores her and vice versa. She and my Mom (The Twin Set, according to Geoff) go around telling all and sundry that Geoff married me to be realted to them!!!! Talk about being the odd man out in a room with these three. Would never change it either.

We saw her last month, and she perked up with Geoff - I took lots of photos, and used one of Geoff and Aunt Regina smiling at each other, while in the midst of plotting against me, for our Christmas card.

Sorry for the ramblings today- the polotical news is more of the slime making its way to the surface, and the Catholic news is pretty limited.

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  1. Prayers for Aunt Regina and for the entire family...