07 December 2008

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics of 2008-

In the spirit of Barbara Walter's annual list of the ten most "fascinating" people, a writer on Faith and Family did her own top ten list. She instead was original in that she chose the ten most fascinating Catholics

Ten Most Fascinating Catholics

Lisa Hendey wrote a very interesting piece on Faith and Family, sharing who her ten most fascinating Catholics were for 2008. She selected some wonderful people.

Here are my ten:

1. Pope Benedict XVI

2. Fr. Frank Pavone

3. Eduardo Versategui

4. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

5. Archbishop Raymond Burke

6. Father Zuhlsdorf of "What does the Prayer Really Say>" blog

7. The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia

8. Damian Thompson of the UK, fighting againts the "Magic Circle"

9. My mother and my husband

10. Judie Brown

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