23 December 2008

Abortion in this time of love and triumph

Geoff and I both dearly love the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". My dad took several of my siblings and myself see it when it was first released, and I subsequently grew up wanting to be Sally Ann Howe, complete with white dress and long blonde hair held back by the braid. (Yes, I still want to be her- I have the long hair, but it is gray with blonde highlights)

We were watching it one night, and we were struck dumb by the characters of Vulgaria- the child catcher, the Baron and the Baroness being the most egregious arbiters of abortion. (And this movie came out years before Roe) In Vulgaria, children are forbidden on pain of death. Children are unwanted by the ruling class and their supporters- just like today's "elites" and chattering classes in the beltway axis. Parents must hide them out of fear. The Baron employs the toymaker for his own pleasure, (remember the phrase- he who dies with the most toys wins-) and his spouse is only concerned with maintaining her figure and youth. Their narcissism is clearly a reflection of the culture of death and the world wide financial meltdown. They jointly employ a child catcher to seize any forbidden child- to me this particular character is simply an abortionist- removing unwanted children from sight and sound. Children are an inconvenience- just as they are to today's elittes, who are more concerned with their financial portfolios, their careers, and other material concerns, than what is truly important The court of Vulgaria is filled with similar minded toadies and sycophants, just like the Democrat Party, its FOCA supports and Planned Parenthood. They live only for themselves and the future is of no concern for them. Then, they are hoist on their own petard when they are overthronw by the red staters and their teaming multitudes of children.
so, there is hope in this battle for our country;s soul.

I don;t know if Ian Fleming, the author of this tale, could read the future, but this movie was prescient.


  1. Agnes: Very creative post! I forgot about that film but I think I've only seen it once and that was many years ago. I remember singing the theme song in choir in grade school which now that I think about it was probably disturbing.

  2. That's an interesting way to look at the movie. It's a good analysis of what is going on in our world.

  3. Thanks for reading the post- it is something that was so obvious one night while we were viewing it, we were shocked that we had not noticed it before.