29 December 2008

"On the Fifth Day of Christmas"

While doing my daily required reading (Catholic, then politics), I encountered this link on The Curt Jester- Since I love Taki's Mag, I just had to post q quote from the inestimable John Zmirak:, writing on "The Black Comedy of Kwanzaa" What makes this quote so poignant for me is that last night while channel surfing, Geoff and I encountered a rerun of the History Channel's "The French Revolution". I was appalled again as I was at the first viewing of this piece of garbage passing itself off as history. The King was denigrated as a tyrant, which Louis XVI certainly was not. It overlooked his attempts to ameliorate the tax burdens of his subjects by his desire to tax the wealthy, who paid little or no taxes. (No, not shades of what Obama and his fellow socialists want to do today-) At every turn , his reforms were rejected out of hand. A weak man, he was still honorable in his desire to do what was best for his country, and for God. He supported reform, not for the sake of reform as so called "progressives" do, but for the benefit of his subjects. He was probably the only Bourbon dynasty monarch faithful to his wife, in thought, word and deed. May he and his much maligned Queen rest in peace-

"French nationalism could be even more absurd, since it tried to meld the particularities for which Frenchmen really loved their nation with the universalist principles of the Revolution that destroyed it. What they ended up with was a kind of Gallic pseudo-Zionism: These principles are for everyone, everywhere—and if you resist, we have a few divisions of Zouaves who’ll force you to be free. But the French are unique for discovering them, and the French nation is somehow the sacred bearer of these eternal truths—as the Jews were of the Law. Now every year, Frenchmen on Bastille Day celebrate the event that wrecked their system of government (they haven’t yet come up with a durable replacement); persecuted their religion; got millions of their citizens executed, starved, or killed in useless wars; and rendered the nation helpless against colonization by Mohammedans, who will in a few generations rule it. Vive le Roi!"

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