16 December 2008

More ramblings- corrupt Democrat politics as usual

Cannot believe that this incoming administration is so skin crawlingly corrupt and evil. It simply oozes out of its pores!!!. This is what we get when we Catholics fail to vote in accordance with natural law and the guidance of Holy Mother Church's teachings, all of which are found in the Bible. (I prefer the Douay Rheims myself) Reminds me of a quote from that great tv show Dinosaurs, in which the character Earl Sinclai, the mighty megalosaurus, explains that"we are required by our constitution to let the voters think they have a choice- that's democracy!" Sounds just like the last elction, doesn't it?

The auto bailout proceeds apace, against the will of the American people. I guess the 55% plus of the electorate are "unpatriotic". I count myself in that category, proudly. After all, a paternal ancestor, Jacob Maple, fought in the American Revolution at the Battles of Trenton and Monmouth, so that spirit does live on!!! (NRA members, check out this month's magazine, page 36, all about these great patriots)

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  1. First time to your blog. Nice to meet you.

    It's not that democrats are evil--it's, it''s... .

    Any way Dawn Eden has some interesting stuff about the correlation between strong pro-abort and corruption.