16 December 2008

My first comment!!!

What a great day- My Facebook friend, Catherine of Alexandria, read my blog!!!! Wow- She and I have a great deal of common, and I am thrilled by her support. While she calls herself a dissident recovering Catholic, I am a Vatican II recovering Catholic, so I guess I can be called the recovering rebellious Catholic. (Her fantastic blog is http://the, so check her out!!)

I recall vividly the very first time the NO was implemented in my childhood parish of Sts Phillip and James, in St. James, NY. The felt banners and the processional were a shock to my system, even at the age of 8. I loathed attending Mass from that point forward- no Latin, no incense, no gold, no vestments that reflected the Glory of God, just the colored tents, folk masses, etc. And the nuns! They jumped out of their habits, and out of their vocations faster than an Ave Maria. CCD was even more tortuous. At least I kept the presence of mind to NEVER receive in the hand- it felt unclean and unnatural. I missed the altar rails and the kneeling. I missed the awe and the peace with God, which was replaced by the noisesomeness of the unwashed hippies of the 1970s. (At least they appeared that way, with the long hair and beards, and the clothing and beads) I missed covering my head in Church. If I recall corectly, unmarried women wore white and married women wore black, and a girl started to cover her head when she received her First Communion. I felt so grown up about my veil.

How about addressing a priest, a man called by God to be alter Christi, by his given name- Still can't and my first cousin is a priest!!! (Sorry, Father Butler)

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