15 December 2008

Random musings

I am going to make the effort to make my blog interesting and relevant, all for the glory of God and Holy Mother Church. My beloved Geoffrey is in the hinterlands of Ohio this week running the railroad, so I am at loose ends between therapy appointments and my upcoming MRI. From noon to three EST, I will be a "dittohead", so nothing will be accomplished then.

Saturday night's Mass at my local NO parish was not as bad as expected. (Due to the ice storm and my chronic shoulder and arm pain, Geoff determined that I was unable to drive to St. Peter's in Troy safely for the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form- What a gorgeous church it is, so of course it finds itself on the bishop's 2009 closure list.) St. Margaret Mary is a lovely Church, but the tabernacle is tucked away to the left. It has lovely side niches dedicated to several saints, and is less modern than many NO parishes in its architecture. However, the deacon and priest were clad in purple, even though it was the vigil Mass for Gaudete Sunday. The homily was the ususal NO feel good stuff, and I snuck out at Communion, as I had not been to Confession this week. (Also, there was a four year old boy whose parents gave him the run of the back of the church where I was sitting, complete with Cheerios and other such treats. Neither parent corrected the behavior, but encouraged it, as did his grandparents. Then the math flash cards were pulled out- How about putting a missal in the child's hands, or even a rosary? How about teaching the sprog some reverence for Church?

Driving has been an issue, since it is my right shoulder and arm that are affected. With the head of the house (HOH) away, I am forced by necessity to drive and I find that I do not enjoy it at all. It was a relief to get home Saturday night. Thankfully we did not lose elcticity due to the ice storm.


  1. Agnes: Great start! Keep it up. I will pray for your health.

  2. Found my way here via above Cathy of Alex...I shall pray for you...continue the good work :)