01 October 2009

Dachshunds and

Many of you may be surprised, but I love this wonderful breed. I disliked them intensely when I was a child, and I no longer recall why, but when I met Geoff in 2001, and was introduced to his parents, I was reintroduced to dachshunds. At the time, his parents were owned by two- a short furred doxie named Nutmeg, and a long furred named Gingie. I had been forewarned that neither would take to me as strangers were beneath them. However, to the surprise of all, on the day that I met his parents, Gingie immediately bonded with me. (She was supposed tobe more vehemently opposed to strangers on her turf) Nutmeg even warmed up to me. So, my middle age love of dachsies began.

Nutmeg died of heart failure three or four years ago, to FIL's devastation. (Nuttie was his shadow, and went wherever he went) Gingie was more MIL's dog and she and I loved each other to pieces. She is still thriving in New Jersey, but the plot to free her from unlawful captivity is still active.

So, what does Geoff do- he goes on the Internet to find me another Gingie of my own. We found Dachshund Rescue of North America (, and in March 2008 Ginger joined our family. She is the light of my life- follows me everywhere, if you know what I mean. Since we lived outside of Albany, New York at the time, we would take her to the BLessed Kateri shrine. There is a very steep and long hill to reach the well, and Ginger and Geoff would just take off running, and I would trail respectfully at a distance. She took over so much of our lives that she has blankies and pillows in the car, and lots of toys in our new home. She was a doll in the hotels this year for the first 8 months too.

So, in August, we started our search for another dachsie in dire need of spoiling (Ginger is very good with our cats Bear and Liffey, who are still with my inlaws due to my Dad's death and the never ending plumbing problems here in Ohio). We found Chip, an 8 year old male who needed us. Nevertheless, he finally joined us this past Saturday and what a joy he has been. Ginger and he wrestle all of the time, and chase one another up and down the stairs, and keep me company on the couch. (I will definitely NOT get cold this winter- both munchkins sleep under the covers, behind my knees.) Chip was supposed to be very shy and the opposite is the truth. No fighting over food either- Chip has his bowl and Ginger hers- he only helps her out when she is finished. He is teaching her his bad habits, and she is teaching him hers. Privacy of any kind is gone for good. He loves going in the car, and this Saturday, one week after he triumphantly joined us from the wilds, we will be taking Ginger and Chip to PetSmart. Lots of photos will follow, I promise.

Christmas will be great, as the inlaws will be joining us, with our cats and their Dachsie Gingie.

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