04 August 2010

Change the name of New York City to Bloombergistan

Change the name of New York City to Bloombergistan
Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Change the name of New York City to Bloombergistan

[Islamic tolerance] Dhimmi Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his rubber-stamp Privy Council have approved the construction of the Islamist Cordoba House "Death to America" Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. This 13 story abomination will loom over the open pit where the twin towers once stood. Every week Muslims from around the world will flock to there to join its terrorist-sympathizier Imam in cheering the victory achieved by the 19 shahids of Allah against the Great Satan.

And our "America Last" intellectual establishment is giddy with glee at the prospect. We're told it's for our own good, "tolerance" is the name of the game.

Yeah, "tolerance" like the treatment Christians get in Dearborn, Michigan, right? Will Dhimmi Mike arrest any non-Muslim who walks by the mosque? That's how Christians are treated in Dearbornistan; it's offensive to Muslims if they have to mingle with us infidels.

Remember, we can't even set foot in their precious holy city of Mecca. Do it, and you die. Did you know that it is against the law in Saudi Arabia to utter the words "Merry Christmas". Do it, and you die.

Somebody ask Rifqa Bary about Islamic "tolerance". I'll bet she knows way more about it than Dhimmi Mike does.

The same liberals who'll stop a multi-billion dollar development project in its tracks at the merest hint that an ancient Indian burial ground or early African-American cemetary might be nearby see nothing wrong with bulldozing the building where the landing gear from one of Islam's human missiles came to rest.

Via I read Hugh Hewitt's take, which is spot-on. To him Ground Zero is "the sacred space of America's great civic religion".

I would oppose the construction of any sectarian project there that wasn't a rebuild of an existing sectarian use for the same reason.

There is no formal designation for the sacred spaces of America's civic religion though they extend from the Mall to the Arizona Memorial. The land around Ground Zero is very much part of that space, and any project that politicizes it or brings a religious purpose to those sites should be refused.

Indeed. The fallacy behind allowing this mosque to proceed is that it will promote peaceful dialog between religions. Islam isn't interested in dialog, peaceful or otherwise. The Imam behind Cordoba House is on record calling for America to be transformed into an Islamic Republic, with Sharia replacing our Constitution as the highest law in the land.

Even the name "Cordoba House" (since changed to fool Dhimmis like Mike Bloomberg) evokes the Muslim conquest of Spain. Cordoba was the capital of the occupying Moors' Muslim kingdom.

If built Cordoba House will become New York's version of the Al Aqsa mosque atop the Temple Mount or Constantinople's St. Sophia Basilica — a triumphant tribute to Islam thumbing its nose at the infidels beneath it.

We cannot permit the enemy to achieve such an easy and decisive victory. Yet thanks to the muddle-headed thinking of our politically correct "leaders" that is precisely what we are poised to do.

Mister we could use a man like Rudy Guiliani again.

UPDATE 03 Aug 2010 20:20:
Linked at The Daley Gator.

Another point is that surely this mosque is being built in the place to PROVOKE attacks and vandalism against it. And, surely those attacks, even if they are staged, will be used to further paint American Muslims as "victims and will be used as propoganda by radical Muslims, like the Imam behind this mosque.

Yup. Christians and Jews who dare to protest will be labeled "haters" while the real hatred is being preached by Imam Rauf inside.

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