20 February 2011

Paging Dr. Shropshire: You're Guilty of Theft of State Taxpayers' Money

Madison, Wisconsin—home to fourteen cowardly Democrats who slinked away in the dark of night to cross state lines rather than show up to do the people’s business; home to thousands of unionized teachers who called out sick when they weren’t to protest a budget repair bill meant to keep the state from going bankrupt and home to disgraceful doctors who wrote fake notes to excuse those very teachers from work.
Can you say theft of state taxpayers’ money? These “doctors” are nothing more than charlatans.
What a stellar example of sniveling little socialists you are. Is this what you want your children to see and mimic later in their lives? Really? Really?
Instapundit shares some of the emails he received from doctors who found the actions of their peers reprehensible.
Professor Reynolds says it best, “You could hardly ask for behavior better tailored to lower respect for the medical profession.” Amen, Professor, amen.
I’d like to thank Ann Althouse for capturing for posterity these doctors in action in the video embedded below.Read more:

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