14 September 2010

Castle vs O'Donnell

While I am NOT a citizen or native of the state of Delaware, as a conservative I would NEVER vote for a RINO, who, while serving as DE's Representative at large voted to impeach President Bush.  Why would I vote for a RINO in the mold of NY 23's Dede Scozzafavva, who withdrew from the primary after she dropped precipitously in the polls.

I would vote for Christine O'Donnell, who as the Republican Senate candidate in 2008, won 35 % of the vote in a state where McCain won only 37%.  She was running against Bite Me Biden, for heavens sake, who was also on the Presidential ticket as the VP.  I think she will clean up this year, in a midterm election against a no name Dem, in a year in which Republicans are going to vote in droves in order to save their country and in which Dems will sit on their hands, hoepfully ins shame.

This primary race shows only one thing- that Establishment Republicans are completely out of touch with their base and in love with their own reflections in the mirror and where they stand on the social scene in DC>

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