05 June 2012

Gauntlet Thrown Down @alibr/UPDATE: An SMS From RSM

Gauntlet Thrown Down @alibr/UPDATE: An SMS From RSM

Gauntlet Thrown Down @ali

Posted on | June 4, 2012 | 58 Comments and 50 Reactions
by Smitty

Ace of Spades: National Day of Blogger Silence — This Friday
On Friday, this site will be absolutely dead-silent, which is what Brett Kimberlin and his stalker crew seeks, and what the media and our supposed Representatives in Congress would permit.
The only post on Friday will be a bold-faced Open Letter to Congress, urging them to act and not attempt to pass the buck to others.
They are our representatives; we would like some representation.
They vowed to defend and protect the Constitution; they can honor that vow now.
I will post links of Congressmen’s and Senator’s email addresses and offices and phone numbers, and urge every concerned American citizen to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that a crime in progress against the First Amendment (and people’s safety) is occurring, and we humbly request they take this seriously.
They are literally going to get someone killed. That is their endgame here.
Will the media and Congress pretend “we didn’t know” when this happens?
ABCNews knows.
The Weekly Standard knows.
The Daily Caller knows.
And many, but not yet all, Congressmen and Senators know.
This blog will (likely) follow Ace’s lead. I’m sure my Congressman will listen to a polite petition. He could surprise me and take action, too. That hope exists.
Update: linked at The Daley Gator
Update II: More at American Power. Furthermore, Stacy spoke to Ali and got this quote:

“World War Three.”

The nature of the offense is that the allegedly Brett Kimberlin-linked site “Breitbart Unmasked” (no linky love for these clowns) apparently thought it was cool to post photos of the location of some family members of Ali.
Now, I have not ever seen Ali in an other-than-gentlemanly mode. I shall strive to keep it that way.
Update III: linked at The Camp of the Saints
Update IV: linked at The Conservatory, Da Tech Guy, and The Lonely Conservative. Plus reporting at Twitchy.
Update V: linkage from The Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved, hogewash, Ameryx le Gallois, Conservative Hideout, and The Rio Norte Line.

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