03 June 2012

The Profoundly Dishonest Brett Kimberlin

The Profoundly Dishonest Brett Kimberlin

The Profoundly Dishonest Brett Kimberlin

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‘Speedway Bomber’ Brett Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in 1981
While researching further background material, I happened upon a November 2011 post at DFQ2 in which Seth Allen discussed Brett Kimberlin’s ties to the left-wing news site Raw Story. Allen was particularly interested in Larisa Alexandrovna, a former Raw Story reporter who is an indefatiguable defender — or perhaps we should say, idolator — of Kimberlin.
In October 2006, a contributor to Democrat Underground discovered Kimberlin’s criminal past and wrote a post asking, “Is it smart to have our cause of election reform tied to a known, convicted bomber?” Alexandrovna posted 13 comments on that thread defending Kimberlin as having been wrongly convicted, secretly exonerated, etc.
What caught my eye in the DU thread, however, was not Alexandrovna’s defenses of Kimberlin, but rather the biography of himself Kimberlin had published — quoted in Comment #15 on the thread — while promoting his band, Epoxy:
Epoxy arose out of the hellish depths of Brett’s time in prison for exercising his First Amendment rights to speech and political activity. Without any trial, Brett was hauled off to federal prison after being targeted by right-wingers who wanted to punish him for being a musician, writing a book and speaking out about politics.
What a sociopathic liar he is.
Of course, there was a trial. Kimberlin wasn’t imprisoned “for exercising his First Amendment rights,” nor was he “targeted by right-wingers.”
His crimes were committed during the Carter presidency, and the prosecuting attorneys included John J. “Jack” Thar, who is still alive and well and practicing law in Indiana.
You could ask Jack Thar whether he is a “right-winger” who “targeted” Brett Kimberlin “for exercising his First Amendment rights.”
Robert Stacy McCain, Whereabouts Unknown

UPDATE: Raw Story Disavows Ties to Kimberlin.
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