22 April 2009

Jennifer Amber Black, RIP

On 21 April 2009, my niece Jennifer Amber Black, was born prematurely at 24 weeks, naturally. Her mother, Jackie, beloved wife of my middle brother John, had been brought to the hospital due to contractions. This beautiful child, younger sister of Jessica Rose Black, died an hour after birth, having been first held and bathed by her adoring father, who also baptised her. She moved and made noises/sounds, which I believe in my heart were her way of telling her Dad that she knew him and loved him. The pain that Geoff and I have is excruciating, and I cannot even fathom that of Jennifer's parents. Our entire family has been devastated by this blow. John, Jackie and Jessica had been visitng my parents in SC only two weeks ago, immediately before Easter, and there were no problems- both Jackie and baby were in perfect health and Jennifer was due in early August. (Until her birth, her sex was unknown). Please pray for this beautiful child, taken from us way too soon. I simply cannot stop crying and grieving, the shock still too raw to process. I know that this is God's will, but to lose a loved and wanted child is simply unspeakable.