28 April 2009

Notre Dame and abortion

Since we are back in Ohio, and I am dependent on using my husband's laptop after a long day of running a railroad, my bloggin has been very sporadic. Here then, are my comments on the fiasco of Notre Shame-

Ever since the late 1960s and the Land O Lakes charter nonsense, ND has undermined the Catholic identity in the public square in pursuit of secular glory. The beswt example is the continued presence of Father O'Brien as head of the Theology department. This year's commencment fiasco should be seen as the culmination of the efforts of those who openly seek to undermine Catholic identity in the UNited States. That being said, what a refreshing image we now have before us, of a formner US Ambassador to the Holy See declining to be awarded for her truly heroic efforts in the prolife arena, for recognizing how her award would truly look in the eyes of the non-Catholic public, and for standing up to be counted, and for failing to cause an even greater public scandal than the one already. God Bless Mary Ann Glendon!!!! Her letter, seen at First Things, is a wonder to behold, and a shining example of how to live your public life as a Catholic. BRAVO!!!!!