25 June 2009


Just back from Ohio, to clear out the apartment and finalize our move to that great state. Just checked and 500 people have viewed my complete profile since I started this blog last year!!!! I am honored that so many have taken the time to read my blog and my profile!!!

Geoff gets in sometime tomorrow morning, and then the fun starts- boxing up the kitchen and the rest of the apartment, and Geoff gets to break down and pack up his train layout.

Our future home is perfect- 1600 st, but the "Great Train Room", and extension off of the rear of the original house, is what sold the house to me. Geoff has waited patiently since we were married to have a room dedicated to his train use, and this is it. It will also double as his office, and it will be where the family computer will be located. It has three pass through windows, known as "meatloaf windows" to our family. We close on the 21st of July, and we are very excited. It will be our very first home!!!! (Geoff moved into my townhouse after our marriage, and even though he was placed on the title and mortgage, he had not had any input- now he does.) His "honey do" list is growing as I blog!!!

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