01 June 2009

Get Over It!

Geoff's take:

The recent shooting of Dr. Tiller has left many pro-lifers worried that this will set back their cause. On television, we have Bill O'Riely echoing this refrain.

As for shooting Dr. Tiller, obviously I wouldn't do it, but we have to see this for what it is: Evil killing evil.

In the Nazi era there was a man named Reinhardt Heydrich, also known as Heydrich the Hangman. He was a brutal, vile man, who was head of the Nazi Intellignce command, and leader of the Prussian branch of the Gestapo. Under his leadership, millions went to the camps.

In 1942, Heydrich was murdered in occupied Prague. Given his vile nature, it might be tempting to regard the two men who killed him as heroes. This was not the case.

Jan Kubis and Joesph Gabcik did rid the world of a man who thought nothing of murdering people who posed a threat to the Third Reich, but their motives were not pure. They were Czech communists, and the only reason the communists hated Nazis was because they too wanted to rule the world, and the world wasn't big enpugh for both of them.

Dr. Goebbels immidiately siezed the opportunity to blame the murder not on the communists, but on "Jewish Terrorists". As a result, the SS and Gestapo swept through Czechoslovakia, executing every Jew they could find, and in some cases they executed entire villages. By the way, this is the same Dr. Goebbels who grossly inflated the number of fatilities in the bombing of Dresdedn. Starting to see a pattern here?

In a similar vein, Dr. Tiller slaughtered 60,000 unborn babies during his career, putting him on a par, at least in terms of sheer numbers, with Herr Heydrich. The man who killed him was an anarchist, and a madman, not some pro-lifer who had simply had enough.

Regretably, also in a similar vein, Attorney General Holder is now giving abortionists escorts from the U. S. Marshall's Office, to make sure this doesn't happen again. People are very worried that now the government will start treating pro-lifers as domestic terrorists.

I say, get over it, people. We knew who and what Obama was when he was campaigning. We knew he was in favor of abortion on demand. We knew his Preacher was a racist, who hated America, and everything it stood for. We knew that he felt that America owed the world an appology for practically everything its ever achieved. And yet, 54%of Roman Catholics still voted for this man.

54% of you wanted him, and you got what you wanted. So get over it!

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