02 June 2009

We found a house!!!!

With the uproar this weekend with the Tiller murder ( did anyone remember that a Muslim terrorist killed an Army recruiter Monday?. but Governor Palin, bless her heart, did- didn't think so), I forgot to post that we found a house!!!! Geoff and I have become weary of hotel living, after six months of it to date, and since we know that we are here for the the next few years, we went ahead and started house hunting. (The company still hasn't made the official offer, and we are now in month four of that wait), but Geoff wanted to get a head start ,since this is prime moving season. We looked at several houses on Saturday and Sunday, but we knew at the second one we saw Sunday. We went back after seeing the remainder of the houses, and that was it- contract written up, negotiated and offer accepted today. Geoff had foudn another listing, which we had viewed SAturday, and the agent willingly worked with us on Sunday. He is fantastic!!! His name is John Stevens, with Howard Hanna, and he knows Medina County inside and out. What a joy- he never made us feel incompetent or inadequate and had a feel for exactly what we neede. So, the kitchen does not have a built in dishwasher right now- but, it will by Christmas!!! Geoff has the perfect room that will doulbe as his office/Great Train Room. I think, when I first saw that particular room, I knew it was home for us. We should be moved out of our NY apartment by the end of the month (YEAH!!!!!!- I hate paying rent and utilites for a place not lived in) and, with God's grace, will close on 15 July!!!!