28 May 2010

Dr. Grossman: a Catholic Funded Abortionist in Colorado's Four Corners

Dr. Grossman: a Catholic Funded Abortionist in Colorado's Four Corners

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Dr. Grossman: a Catholic Funded Abortionist in Colorado's Four Corners

May 26, 5:38 PMDenver Independent ExaminerGualberto Garcia Jones

Dr. Richard grossmanDr. Richard Grossman M.D. is the only abortionist in over 200 miles, and he's not shy about publicly touting his grisly profession.

Every Wednesday of every week, Dr. Grossman kills children at the Durango Planned Parenthood. He charges a sliding scale based on the age of the child. For killing a child of 5-11 weeks he charges $425, 12-13 weeks $515, 14-15 weeks $780, and 16-17 weeks costs $880.

Pictures of what each of these children look like after they are aborted at these different stages of development can be seen here.

I first learned of Dr. Grossman, on Wednesday, Novemeber 18, 2009. I was participating in a vigil outside the abortuary that was organized by Life Guard of La Plata, a Catholic non-profit organization that helps mothers in crisis pregnancies. During this vigil, pro-lifers told me about Dr. Grossman.

I already knew what abortionists do, and I was saddened to see approximately six young ladies escorted in to participate in the killing of their children. What I wasn't ready for was to learn what Dr. Grossman did on the other days when he wasn't killing children.

Dr. Grossman worked, and still works at a Catholic hospital, Mercy Regional Medical Center, as a staff physician with full medical privileges!

Here is a man that kills children once a week, and he is employed by a hospital that is supposed to share my belief that what he does is murder? What in the world was going on? I immediately fired off an email to my Bishops.

Despite repeated entreaties to my Bishops, I have not learned of any action being taken to end this scandalous situation. I have since learned that local pro-life activists (Catholic and Protestant) have been trying to get the Catholic church to step in and stop Dr. Grossman for at least three years!

It should be noted, that while I realize that it is scandalous to point out this ongoing situation within the Catholic church, it is a much more egregious scandal to let it continue unaddressed.

Dr. Grossman would not be able to financially maintain himself on what he earns killing children one day a week. Does this not make Mercy Hospital in Durango and the Catholic Church a material facilitator to the killing? In effect, the Catholic Church, Mercy Hospital, and the Catholic Health Initiatives (based in Denver) are subsidizing abortion services in the Four Corners area.

If that were not bad enough, and it is, Dr. Grossman openly promotes eugenics in his regular column for the local Durango newspaper, the Durango Herald in a column entitled Population Matters.

It seems that the Catholic church is not capable of putting a stop to Dr. Grossman's evil audacity. The reason, according to local activists, is that the hospital and the church fear federal employement discrimination lawsuits. There is, however, a valid basis to believe that this Catholic hospital would be within its right to fire a murderer such as Dr. Grossman, although it is more likely that the church would lose a lawsuit from Dr. Grossman.

When it comes down to it what makes a church like the Catholic church great is its claim to be the repository of the Truth, not the health of its bank accounts.

In an age when the Catholic church is sued on an almost daily basis, wouldn't it be refreshing if the church were sued for preventing child killing at its hospitals instead of for allowing children to be molested.

I for one would welcome the fight. In the meantime I will be helping activists in the Durango area protest, not only at the abortuary, but at the Catholic hospital that makes it possible for Dr. Grossman to kill children and still make a good living.

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