24 May 2010

VIDEO: Les Phillip Swore to Defend Against ‘Enemies, Foreign and Domestic’

VIDEO: Les Phillip Swore to Defend Against &#8216;Enemies, Foreign <em>and</em> Domestic&#8217;

Wonder who he has in mind on the domestic front? Here’s the Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s Fifth District:

Marc Ambinder predicts that this will be the political ad everyone will be talking about this week. The transcript:

This is the story of two young men.
One fell in with left wing radicals.
The other immigrated to America.
While one played with terrorists and allowed his America-hating pastor to baptize his children, the other joined the Navy to defend his country.
I love America, but President Obama is ashamed of it. I’m going to Congress to help stop him from destroying our nation. And they’re not going to call me a racist.
I’m Les Phillip and I took an oath to defend this country against enemies, foreign and domestic. And I approve this message.

Do you approve this message? Let him know:


UPDATE: Now a Memeorandum thread. One of my friends on Twitter said, “I don’t know what’s in the Alabama water but they need to bottle it and pass it to the rest of the us.” This ad was produced by Ladd Ehlinger Jr., who also produced the Dale Peterson ad, which may have just lost its status as Best Political Ad Evah!

UPDATE II: In April, I covered the 5th District Republican candidates’ forum in Huntsville. The primary is June 1 — a week from Tuesday. It’s a tough three-way contest for the GOP nomination, and there will likely be a runoff, which would be held July 13.

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