23 May 2010

No Sheeples Here: Djou: We Have Sent A Message (Barry, Are You Listening?)

No Sheeples Here: Djou: We Have Sent A Message (Barry, Are You Listening?)

The corporate-controlled media and the Demonrats will try to spin Charles Djou’s winner-take-all victory differently, but the 39-year-old Republican from Fearless Reader’s home district in Hawaii has a message for them.

“This is a momentous day,” Djou told a jubilant crowd at state party headquarters. “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats! We have sent a message to the machine. This congressional seat is not owned by one political party. This congressional seat is owned by the people."

In December of 2009, Neil Abercrombie resigned his seat as congressman to campaign for governor. The announcement made it necessary to hold a special election. The race was on the radar of both national parties. Talking heads and the DNC expected the seat to continue in the control of the Democrats who supported Fearless Reader by 72 percent.

Then, that darned Scott Brown wrenched Teddy Kennedy’s seat from the cocky Dems and, as the Star Bulletin put it, “sensibilities changed.”

Colleen Hanabusa, who came in second in the special election to fill Honolulu's 1st Congressional District with 30.8 percent of the vote, issued the following statement:

“With over fifty percent of the voters in Congressional District 1 turning out in what is the highest voter turnout in any Hawaii special election, it is clear that the people of Hawaii know the importance of this election in ensuring the people of Hawaii are properly represented in Congress.”

Democrats believe the success in Hawaii will be short-lived. Djou will only serve through the remainder of 2010, and another election will be held in November for the next term.

Djou has other ideas. "The people of Hawaii have given us a short-term lease with an option to buy in November. This is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. This is the time to redouble our efforts to bring out change. To do good, to restore our nation to prosperity."

Mahalo nui loa, Mr. Djou.

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