01 July 2010

Catholics vs. Communists

Catholics vs. Communists

Catholics vs. Communists

by Michael Moriarty

The Great Catholic Scandal!

Hmmm … does this really have to do with child abuse or, to use the Reagan perspective, are these arrests and possibly further imprisonments of high level Catholic authorities “bargaining chips” to convince the Catholic Church that her ban on abortion should be … how shall I say … “seriously reconsidered?”


All is politics these days … and all will be used to further the political game.

However, considering the Catholic Church’s major hand in overturning the Polish Communist State, the “game” is decidedly beyond politics.

The increasingly deadly Game has been a not-so-Cold War for quite some time.

Unfortunately, it is now not only Catholics versus Communists.

It is the Catholic Church versus the entire Progressive New World Order.

Versus the European Union’s Socialism.

Versus Russia’s neo-Soviet allegiance with Red China.

It is basically the Catholic Church versus the World.

Not even America is an ally of either Israel or the Catholic Church.

America is no longer, as the President has repeatedly declared by word and deed, a Judeo-Christian Civilization.

It is clearly and merely a part of the Progressive New World Order.

As I’ve said before, America gave up any substantive resistance to the very Marxist New World Order when her Supreme Court passed the Roe v Wade decision 37 years ago.

In Europe, however, the Catholic Church has refused to condone abortion or euthanasia.

America’s collapse to the first stage of Communism, which is Socialism, was insured when the Nixon/Kissinger Presidency not only collapsed before Vietnamese Communists in Paris but when its Supreme Court – bipartisan, mind you – instituted legalized abortion.

America not only gave up the territorial fight, it surrendered in the spiritual war as well.

We not only lost the geographic battle, we lost the moral high ground as well.

I consider Kissinger, without question, the single most valuable asset to World Communism and the decidedly Marxist New World Order.

It is no surprise that the Last Great Courtier should be spending much, if not most of his time, in Red China.

Kissinger’s infiltration of the White House long preceded Barack Obama’s capture of the Presidency through the front door.

Kissinger bent Nixon into a moral pretzel.

Admittedly, it wasn’t hard.

Nixon’s adoration of Harvard credentials made him and the rest of the nation a sitting duck.

Now we’re deeply mired in the Harvard quagmire with Dr. Obama, the recipient of all the highest degrees now possible, including the Nobel.

And Kissinger now resonates as our real life version of Hollywood’s Sidney Greenstreet.

Dr. K is therefore the odious counterpart to our very American and independent loner, whether it be John Wayne, Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin.

As much as the Progressives would like to eliminate Good versus Evil as the evaluating slide rule of America, it will never be done.

Even our slightly tainted anti-heroes, like Humphrey Bogart’s Rick in Casablanca, re-enter the war with equally tainted but unavoidable idealists such as Claude Rains’ French inspector.

Are they actually Communist good guys? However, is a Communist good guy even possible?

Now that America is out of the fight with Communism because we have a decidedly Marxist President, all that remains as a defense of even human life and its sacredness is the Catholic Church.

So it is, indeed, Communism versus the Catholic Church.

Marx versus Christ.

I personally don’t think the match is fair.

Karl hasn’t got a chance!

He is unquestionably the Devil’s Advocate and the Satanic Economist and, well, the Bible tells you how such an encounter ends repeatedly.

The Devil loses.

Now, however, because Mao’s Red China still survives, a neo-Soviet Russia is being rebuilt by the puppets of a KGB loyalist, Vladimir Putin, and a full and unapologetic Marxist, Barack Obama, rules the White House, it would seem that Christ’s days are up!

That and the certainty of a whole new Marxist Christ defending abortion.

For me, however, the Marxist/Progressive New World Order is no more than The New Goliath, albeit with an Ivy League degree.

It is a tortured and venomously lying creation of Communism’s tacit agreement with the likes of Osama bin Laden to destroy America first and then worry about the Catholic Church.

The Tea Party was the most unexpected hindrance to the New World Order. That and Fox News’ Glenn Beck.

Therefore, we now have, in the midst of this delay, a shift of focus back to attacking the Catholic Church.

The same Progressive Movement that is now handing out condoms to five year olds is sincerely concerned about child abuse?

You tell me if that contradiction-in-terms isn’t a clear indication of the Marxist New World Order’s real intent while attacking the Church’s undeniably Achilles’ heel.

I guarantee you, if the Catholic Church condones abortion, we won’t hear any complaints about priests and child abuse in the mainstream press, not while the Obama’s public schools are handing out condoms to five year olds without parental consent.

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