23 July 2010

» Rush: ‘Breitbart was exactly right’ - Big Government

» Rush: ‘Breitbart was exactly right’ - Big Government

In case you missed it yesterday, America’s Anchorman weighed in extensively on the NAACP/Obama Admin./Sherrod scandal. A highlight:

rush cigar

Here’s really all you need to know. It turns out that Andrew Breitbart was exactly right. This woman did not have an epiphany when she was at the USDA. When she was speaking to the NAACP she did not have an epiphany about, “You know what? It isn’t about race, it’s about rich versus poor.” If you listen to the whole speech as people have, 43 minutes, she’s racist. The NAACP is racist. And this whole story has been manipulated, wined and dined, formed and flaked in order present the usual template that it’s us, that it’s conservatives who are racist.

So Much for That Postracial Presidency We Were Promised

Shirley Sherrod and the NAACP are the Racists Who Seek to Divide

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