10 July 2010

Lisa Graas: Conservatism's Manliest Blogs

Lisa Graas: Conservatism's Manliest Blogs

Conservatism's Manliest Blogs
11:19:00 AM Posted by Lisa Graas
Conservatism has much to celebrate these days and one of the achievements we are hearing most about is the Rise of Pro-Life Women in American politics. Let's not forget, though, that the rise of pro-life women could not have been possible without a lot of help from men, so I'd like to use this Fourth of July post to celebrate what I believe are 'Conservatism's Manliest Blogs', categorized appropriately, I think.

The Other McCain -- He-Man Woman Lover

Riehl World View -- Red-Blooded

Ace of Spades --Self-Reliant

Hot Air --Powerful

Raymond Arroyo --Lion-Hearted

Founding Bloggers -- Protective

Gateway Pundit -- Intrepid

David Horowitz -- Fearless

E.W. Ross -- Shepherding

St. Blogustine -- Noble

Legal Insurrection -- Luminous

Loyal to Liberty -- Persistent

Another Black Conservative -- Stout-hearted

JihadWatch -- Well-grounded

Matt Lewis -- Gentlemanly

John Hawkins -- Vigilant

Father Z -- Steadfast

Josh Painter and Patrick Adams -- Loyal

Conservatives 4 Palin - Sinistar -- Kind

Jerry Wilson -- True as a Brother

Thank you, men, for all you to do help the ladies. We appreciate you.

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