19 July 2009

Debbie Schlussel and her fantastic website,

Debbie Schlussel has a wonderful website that I admit is a guilty pleasure for me to read each day, except for the Jewish Sabbath and High Holy Days, when she, as an observant Jew, does not post. She possesses an acerbic wit and wonderful insights into the chaos in our world. I do not think she is a Republican, but she is a tur conservative, who firmly stands up for her beliefs. She is an attorney, and writes wonderful movie reviews for the Detroit Free Press, and since the USCCB can't get it right in this area, I rely upon her reviews- she uses Ronald Reagan and Karl Marx instead of stars as her personal rating guide, and I have found it invaluable. She presses hard for America's security in the War on Terror, and is incomparable in her reporting. Please visit her site- it is worth the time.

Today's post concerns Walter Cronkite, and I could not have put forth my views as well as she, and I do not consider myself a slouch in the writing and opinion area.

Debbie Schlussel is an American Patriot and a treasure.

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