07 July 2009

Have we forgotten?

Geoff's Take (With a little help from Mr. Worley):

On July 4, 1776, a handful of men in Philadelphia did something unique. They founded a nation that was unlike any the world had ever seen, or would ever see. A nation founded on the premise that the right to be free came from the hand of God. A nation that considered religious freedom an integral part of its being, because only a strong and willful belief in God would give America's citizens the self-discipline they would need to govern responisbly.

America was meant to be unique in the world. After all, what other country has a National Anthem about its flag? An anthem that's an actual eyewitness account of a battle fought to keep that flag flying?

Australia and Canada have National Anthems about the countries themselves, Britain and Denmark have National Anthems about their Monarchs, but only the United States has an anthem about its flag, and what it sometimes takes to preserve it.

Yes, America is truly unique, as it was meant to be. If you aren't an American, it might be difficult to understand why America is as it is, but Americans should be able to understand. And yet, so many Americans seem to have forgotten.

Forgotten that while American Catholics were watching Bing Crosby star in Going my Way, Catholics in Europe were being slaughtered by the Nazis.

Forgotten about Catholic Clergy imprisoned in China.

Forgotten that while they insult the flag and everything it stands for, that in most countries in the world, that kind of speech could land them in prison. Or get them a fair trial at 0900, followed by a firing squad at 0915.

In an episode of All in the Family, Archie's son-in-law (Meathead) said that the National Anthem was "one terrible song".

Really? Try listening to Die Fahne Hoch sometime. Especially the part that says "When Jewish Blood Drips from the knife, it will make you free."

And imagine what Der Fuhrer would do to somebody who made a similar complaint about his anthem. Fair trial at 0900 anyone?

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