12 July 2009

Our Science Czar!!!

This administration has veered from autocratic to delusional, with a smidgen of racism thrown into the mix. The so called "Science Czar" (why do we need one, and who is paying for the 32 czars and their staffs? Under what article of the Constitution are they auhtorized? From what source do they derive their funding?)must make Margaret Sanger, Joseph Mengele, and Hitler proud as they share the same circle of hell!!! Instead of czar, why not "Science Fuhrer"?- it fits, as they share the same ideology, as Obama shares the same as that of the Nazis (after all, the Nazis were the National Socialist Party, with eugenics as an addendum) Obama has become the "Eugenisist in Chief", first with the healthcare nonsense and with his judicial appointments and his czars- completely out of control. Starting to wonder if they are possessed, as Hitler and his companions were- would explain a lot.

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