03 July 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!!

I know- I am a day early, but we just arrived back to OHIO from a whirlwind trip to Albany in order to move out of our apartment (finally) and a quick trip to NJ to visit Geoff's parents, who are still cat sitting. Even though it was technically a week of vacation for Geoff, his cell never stopped ringing! Geoff did a yeoman's job of work packing and loading the POD, while I tried to pack with a wonky arm and thrown out back. Pain pills and muscle relaxers finally gave up the ghost, as did the epidurals. Pain again- I am renewing my relationship with it and with the accompanying spasms. I again have the privilege to continue to offer it up on behalf of my sins- I wonder, daily, how our ancestors did what they did and with so few material possessions, so much unknown, with so much courage. It makes me ponder what the saints endured, and I shudder at my weakness.

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