21 August 2009


As readers of my FAcebook page know, Geoff and I are boycotting Coca-Cola for an anti Catholic ad that is run for Minute Maid. We are also continuing our long time boycott of PepsiCo for the comments its now CEO made comparing the United States to the middle finger of the hand.

Now, we find ourselves in the position of boycotting CVS and WalMart for their undermining of free speech, vis a vis Glenn Beck. While some people find Mr. Beck over the top and outrageous, he has still managed to uncover and report on the widespread fraud and illegal activities of ACORN and related entities, on the "czars" being used by the current administration in a blatant and unconstitutional power grab, among other such things. I guess George Soros and his pet "O" are pretty mad that someone had the nerve to bring to the public's notice, the nefarious activities of their cohorts. Now WalMart and CVS join the crowd.

IF, in this world, money talsk, then KMart and Walgreen's will be the recipients of the Bullock family largesse. The hypocrisy of these two companies is outrageous, as they never did a thing when Mr. bush was President, and called a Nazi, Hitler and worse on CNN< MSNBC, and elsewhere. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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