24 August 2009


It has been almost a week since United Van Lines deposited our belongings that had languished in enforced storage for just over two years. Geoff and I (mostly Geoff) have labored to unpack the treasure trove of cardboard boxes first, in order to get them out of the house and decrease the chance of irritating Geoff's manly proboscis any more than is usual. We hacked and sneezed our way through dozens of these alien creatures, searching for who knows what treasure lay below, layered in mounds of paper. We would use one box to hold the paper from the others, but so much had been used, these quickly filled and were carted away to our patio for overnight storage (tomorrow is trash day in Medina, and we hope to have half of these towers removed permanently). Ginger appears to be in shock, as items tumble onto the floor, items of which she has no knowledge, and must now investigate. She of course has discovered the Thomasville loveseat, which we had hoped she would avoid as there is only room for two. Wrong on that score- up she pops with her daily treat, and snuggles in between Geoff and myself. I guess this means that she accepts the new items as tribute to her dachsietude. We are almost done with the kitchen, which of course is smaller than we had thought (but is bigger than what we had in Lakewood and ALbany- storage wise). I wish there were room for a dishwasher, but not without a complete renovation, ande money does not grow on our trees at the moment. The dining room, sans dining set, is the staging area for items yet to be cleaned and stored, as well as for boxes of books to be sorted and dusted this week. We have actually been using the microwave and the oven, and this week have had our official first home cooked meal. Our bedroom looks great- we now have chests and dresser drawers!!! (You try living out of crates for two years). The clothing that I fold miraculously disappears into these wondrous wooden creatures, and they stay folded- well, at least mine do. The living room floor is full of stuff around which we must maneuver, but I have lace curtains up!!!!

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