21 August 2009

The so called racism of the Right

Today, on Hot there was a link to a fascinating article concerning the racism of the progressives (liberals. To hear the MSM and the Democrats, we on the conservative/Right are dyed in the wool racists, when the historical documented truth is far more painful for the AFL, the Democrats and the so called progressives/liberals. How about calling the kettle black now? I am including the links here to these three articles, two of which I found after reading the first one


A History of Violence- the sordid tale of the anti-black brutality on the American Left


When Bigots Become Reformers- about our "progressive" friends and antecedents.


The AFL's Shameful Record on Race

And let us not forget what MSNBC attempted to do this week concerning the black man in Arizona who appeared outside of the "O"'s townhall, waering an AR-15 (which is NOT an automatic weapon) and a pistol. MSNBC tried to claim that the protesters who carried, in accordance with their state laws, were white racisits.

and finally, our "heroine", the architect of abortion and contraception on demand, Margaret Sanger, who was all for eugenics for the black (inferior) population

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