19 August 2009

A Real Post!!!

Yesterday I saw my neurologist, who broke the news that I have arthritis in my lower back, especially the lower, and herniated discs!!! The pain in my legs will be treated separately, as I now have the chance to undergo facet nerve blocks in my lower spine. I have more pain pills (nothing narcotic) as well as prescription pads to apply for 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Maybe a TENS machine, if my insurance approves. There were no guarantees concerning the three epidurals that I had in May, and the pain returned with a vengeance in mid June, right before we returned to Albany to pack up the apartment. As I told my mom yesterday, "I have your back!!!!". (I always liked that cliche, but even more so ) For years she has told me that I am just like my dad, but now, I am like her- she has the same problems with her back. I did not inherit these problems, just the enhanced possibility of having them. Geoff and I are cognizant of the cause, 12 years ago, but the medical diagnosis this time was reassuring, since the doctor in Albany whom I sought out for the pain in my upper back and right arm/shoulder basically called me a liar. On the bright side, Dr. Allen gets to work his surgical magic on my spine again, and I get to hang out with the nurses in the outpatient surgical wing at South Pointe Hospital. Wonder if they have been to Kohl's lately? (If one must get sick in Ohio, then get thee to the Cleveland Clinic or its affiliated care centers) I get to offer up even more suffering in expiation of my sins!!! (Now to remember to do so, instead of indulging in a whingy pity party)

Today the movers came with our stuff from New Jersey!! It was like Christmas all through the house and with over 300 boxes or Rubbermaid crates to open too. A veritable treasure trove of goodies awaits. (I hope the house is big enough!!!) Geoff's "Great Train Room" is coming along as his treasures apparently were recoverable first. Wonder how big that bribe was. The two men from United were wonderful - they were on time, and took great care with our home and contents. What a great company!!! Ginger is out of it- she has no idea what these boxes contain as she only joined us in Albany. Lots of great smells for my darling dachsie>

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