30 June 2010

The Farm: Be Prepared! We only have a short time to stock up.

The Farm: Be Prepared! We only have a short time to stock up.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Be Prepared! We only have a short time to stock up.

Corexit ~ remember that name.

The black rain is already beginning to destroy crops. Birds. The oil that you see on the surface of the Gulf is only a tiny fraction of what is under the surface: massive oil plumes. Folks, this poison is going to spread big-time because it has hit the much more powerful Atlantic currents. (And the "Loop Current") BP is pumping millions of gallons of poison into the Gulf waters and also into the air ~ this oil diffuser Corexit was invented for the Exxon Valdeze spill and literally fries the brain. It also becomes much more toxic when exposed to heat and guess what? This stuff is being pumped into an area of the world that is already hot - and is only going to get hotter.

Hurricane season is gearing up. We'll soon have oil and this poison raining down further and further in-land. Any open water source and crop is going to become contaminiated ~ while we can be exposed to X amount of contamination over a short period of time and mabye be ok, we can't be exposed even to small amounts of contamination over a long period of time and be all right. Remember: cancer doesn't show up over night. What you expose yourself to now could have horrible results ten, twenty years down the road. Take or leave the "conspiracy" bent of this video, about halfway through there's some good info.

All fear-mongering aside, let's crack it down to common sense. I didn't finish my degree ~ I left after five years to get married. But I was studying geology and starting to study petrolium engineering. There is a LOT, a whole hell of a lot, that we are not being told not because of conspiracies etc but because the Gov doesn't want panic. Fine. Don't panic. But folks, we have a month max before the Gulf Stream brings that oil up the east coast of America, bangs a right, and heads straight for Britain and the west coast of Europe. (See this if you're curious. Just one of many models.) Meanwhile the poisons are already creating toxic rain.

The Governent is not our enemy but at the same time the Government is not the answer to bailing our backsides out when the trouble hits. WE are the only ones that can guarantee that we will be able to weather this upcoming mutli-faceted disaster. I'm not talking a complete shutdown of civilization as we know it. What I'm talking about is food and water shortages for anywhere from two years onward. (Perhaps it'll only be one year of damage but we still need another year for new crops etc to grow.) We could even find that most of the livestock will have to be put down humanely because the animals can't drink the water or eat the grass. What then? Where will billions of us get the next glass of water and our next meal?

Preparation is really simple: start TODAY before the Government issues warnings because once that happens panic will set in and folk will strip the supermarket shelves bare.

Store water: tap water, spring water, it doesn't matter. Use every available container and fill it with water. Buy a jug of plain bleach, (as a matter of fact, buy several) unscented, with the chlorium content between 4 and 6 percent. 1 quart of water takes 2 drops of bleach. Wait until water is room temp, drop in bleach, stir well, seal the containers of water. When you go to use the water, if it smells nasty, repeat the bleach, starting at normal dose, then, if necessary, doubling the amount of drops until the water is clear and not smelly. The bleach will dissapate if you take some of the water and leave it in an open container until the light scent of bleachiness disapears. If you want to reconstitute powdered stuff or make yogurt etc, you have to wait for the bleach to disapate.

Non-Parishable Foods: Peanut butter, canned goods, jam (unopend, will last a while due to sugar preserving it.) Honey, whole wheat flours. Baking powder. Dried milk, dried eggs. Rolled oats. Get those big, 50lb bags of rice, beans, lentils, etc. ~ brown rice is best. Avoid "minute rice" or other "quick" rices, oats, etc as the nutritional content has been compromised in order to make them cook fast. Avoid white noodles, white rice, white flours, as the nutritional content is a joke. (When you cook these things, they absorb the water. Cook at low heat, cover with lid. Then when you eat you can also consume water.) Olive oil is a good, healthy substitute for butter ~ you can spread it on bread etc, add a dash of salt. Good for cooking, then use the leftover hot oil for a spread. Make sure you have bulk bags/bottles of things you like: katchup, mustard, salt, sugar, coffee, tea... once people strip the supermarkets you'll be very frustrated.

Think even of the stupid stuff you take for granted: Toilet paper. (Stock up on newspaper too. Good backup.) Q-tips for cleaning your ears. Toothpaste. Soap. Aluminum foil. Plastic ziplock baggies. Garbage bags. People will strip this stuff from supermarkets like locusts!

Vegtables: Canning is very simple but make sure you do it PROPERLY. Read all instructions very carefully. Instaed of killing yourself trying to mass-can tons of stuff, take it bit by bit. Keep bringing home tomatoes, cabage, etc. and can as you go. Even if you have to travel 3 hours from home to hit up the farmers stands, do so ~ pretty soon veg is going to become hard to come by as the toxic rains continue to contaminate crops.

You can also preserve veg using vinegars, or using salt. Look this up in books, internet: sourkraut, pickled beets, pickled eggs, pickled cabbage, pickled onions, etc. Preserving veg and meat with salt.

Potatoes are a very healthy food, especially if you eat the skins. Buy those in bulk, store them in a cool dark place or even under your bed if you have to!! Make sure and pluck the "eyes" out before they have a chance to sprout as this ruins the potato. Keep them away from onions! Onions and potatoes cross-spoil one another. Keep them away from heat.

Meat: You can even can, smoke, and salt meat. Buy some decent meat from the store, preserve it. Cook it first into a nice stew with spices and veg, things like that. Build a simple smoke shed: they are small. Build smoke racks and hang strips of meat, fish. You can do it: this stuff isn't rocket science, just make sure and read up real good so you don't miss any steps.

I'm serious folks: even if you have to have containers of water and bags of rice and beans sitting around your livingrooms and bedrooms, who cares! Purchase some emergency survival books, or photocopy pages of them in the library, search the internet and print them out ~ EDUCATE YOURSELVES, don't wait for someone else to do it for you.

You don't have to spend hundreds and hundreds on fancy survival foods. Just make sure and get ahold of basic, nutritious staples that can last even without refrigeration. The closer you are to the Gulf of Mexico or the east coast of America, Britain, and the west coast of Europe, the more you will struggle to obtain fresh water and food. But keep in mind that weather patterns can carry the toxins everywhere so no one is really able to relax and say, "I don't have to worry. I'm out of the line of fire."

As usual, make sure and have the other basics handy: candles, even a lantern or two. Warm clothes. I would invest in some serious rain gear ~ because you're not going to want to walk around outside in that rain! Listen to me folks: the rain is already falling. Get on YouTube, blogs, Facebook ~ get the information that you won't hear much of on the mainstream media. It's already happening. This isn't about, "What if?"

Trust me, our Governments will do everything they can to play down the dangers. They'll pull in every expert and scientist that they can find who will get on TV and assure you that "don't worry, folks! Everything is fine!" Yeah, right! USE YOUR OWN HEADS. Think for yourselves. As I type, people are being told to go and frolic on the beaches down south ~ after BP directed cleanup crews to merely cover up the oil so "everything looks pretty." The sad truth is that our economy is going to be considered far more important then our health. We will be directed to continue to buy the food and drink the water that is being sold.

DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME A REFUGGE, A "DISPLACED PERSON", WHO IS MASS-EVACUATED. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BECOME CAUGHT UP IN A GOVERNMENT REFUGEE CAMP. If you have to, evacuate you own butt and live at a campground, out of your car, anywhere BUT a Government camp. The Government is not going to hurt you on purpose or anything but Gov-run camps are living hell. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Refugee camps, no matter how sophistocated, end up being places where infections and illness spread like wildfire. Food and water rations will be small and your immune system will be compromised from shortage of nutrition as well as the extreme stress. The disposal of human waste is not easy and it won't be a huge concern of the Gov. Crime and disputes grow worse in crowded areas. Get yourself into a situation where you live SPREAD OUT from other people, even if you're gnawing on badly-smoked fish chunks under a trashbag in a campground or out in a field somewhere. If you're going to get sick or die, better to do so on your own terms!

I say this: we have a month, max. Maybe two or three afterwards if the rains haven't come as hard and fast... If I were you, I'd get cracking.

God bless. Stay safe, calm, and sensable. But don't sit around waiting to be "helped" by anyone!

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