07 June 2010

V for Victory!: Corpus Christi

V for Victory!: Corpus Christi
The richest, most beautiful, most gem-encrusted monstrance in the world is trash compared to what it contains. We can't make a monstrance that's really good enough or worthy enough. But we can do our best. And this... a MONSTRANCE.

And not long after this picture was taken, the cardinal kneeling before the monstrance would become Pope Pius XII.

The Eucharist is not just a wafer. These Hosts are older than the United States: they were consecrated in Sienna, Italy, 36 years before the Declaration of Independence. Read more about them here.

Most famous, perhaps, is the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, Italy. 1,300 years ago, a monk offering Mass had a doubt about the Real Presence; after the consecration, the veils of bread and wine were torn aside. And are still torn aside.

Scientific studies confirmed that the Flesh that had been the Host is human cardiac tissue; the Blood (coagulated into five particles) is type AB.

Read about more Eucharistic miracles here. And here is a really good book about Eucharistic miracles.

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