23 May 2012

‘He Has No F–king Soul’

‘He Has No F–king Soul’
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Today there is a massive Memeorandum aggregation about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin, including one on an article by my filmmaker buddy Ladd Ehlinger Jr.:
An excellent question: Why would Barbra Streisand’s “philanthropic” foundation donate money to a 501(c)3 whose director is a violent felon notorious for his dishonesty (a “top-flight con man“) to say nothing of the other heinous crimes Kimberlin has committed? Leaving aside entirely the “lawfare” harassment strategy Kimberlin has used against Patrick Frey, Seth Allen and Aaron Worthing, doesn’t that situation — hiring an infamous liar and admitted tax cheat to run a tax-exempt non-profit — strike most people as incredibly reckless?
Kimberlin has continued dishonestly to deny his responsibility for the weeklong 1978 Indiana terror-bombing spree for which he was convicted in 1981 and sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. In fact, I’m told, Kimberlin has falsely claimed that he was “secretly exonerated” for those crimes, so that his life continues to be one enormous lie.
And what kind of person would donate money to pay the salary of a vicious creep like that, especially when it is so well-known that Kimberlin has spent the past year engaged in a series of efforts to intimidate those who try to expose the truth about him?
The fact that I was compelled, by concern for the safety of others, to leave my Maryland home in order to be able to continue reporting this story ought to be sufficient evidence of Kimberlin’s intrinsic maliciousness. But of all the many words written about this bizarre episode in recent days, none captured the essence of the problem so succinctly as a five-word sentence Scott Jacobs posted in the comments of another blog, describing Kimberlin: “He has no f–king soul.”
UPDATE: Lisa Graas writes:
I doubt Streisand knows how her money is being used, but then again, this is what you get when you fund groups that employ radicals.
 Streisand is stuck in a nostalgic time-warp of “radical chic” and is thus perhaps actively in favor of giving money to left-wing terrorists.
UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin brought her awesome influence to bear today, as did Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, and the Memeorandum aggregation includes scores of bloggers.
Normally, I use the Shoe Leather Fund to pay travel expenses while I’m out on the campaign trail. This sudden and unexpected journey to an Undisclosed Location, however, has helped raise more money than any other road-trip I’ve ever taken, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed, as this will help pay to relocate my family.
They say if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.
Last Thursday morning, I was planning to go cover the G8 Summit at Camp David. Instead, I saw Aaron Worthing’s story, immediately recognized it as newsworthy and . . . well, God’s got a great sense of humor, doesn’t he?
Update (Smitty): Thank you again, Instapundit!

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