14 May 2009

The Cleveland Clinic

Best cardiac care in the US!!!!

Tomorrow I have the first of three epidural shots for extensive lower back pain. Twelve years ago I was assaulted, with my right arm being hyperextended and the nerves in my lower right back being permanently damaged. Love living with permanent nerve damage on the right side of my body- makes being a righty even more fun than usual!!! Three weeks ago, while getting out of bed (for me a 10 to 20 minute task on a good day)I threw out my lower spine!!!! Geoff took me to Twinsburg, to the Urgent Care facility which is affiliated with the Cleveland Clininc, and I had my follow up Tuesday with Dr. Allen, whom I absolutely adore. (While we were in NJ, I went to Dr. Samuel Schenker in Toms River when my right shoulder decided that my lower back pain, for which I am on disability, had been getting too much attention. I underwent a series of shots and an epidural, in my neck, but it only worked for a short while, as I had been fully advised would most probably be the best result with the nerve damage that I have. I would have taken him with me to NY and then Ohio, he is that good a neuroligist and pain management specialist. Dr. Allen is just like him!!!) Can hardly wait to FINALLY move here. Best healthcare system in the state, according to Pater.

Nows, to keep TOTUS from screwing up our healthcare system..........

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