24 May 2009

Terminator Salvation

LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!! Geoff and I just returned from the local theater in Macedonia, Ohio and I firmly encourage those of you who like/love action flicks to see this one. I loved the Terminator movies (well, the first two, anyway- the third was just passe), and I love the TV show, so when I learned of this upcoming potential trilogy, I was intrigued to say the least. I think Christian Bale was awesome, but Sam Worthington stole the show. I have another favorite actor (Sean Bean, Timothy Dalton, Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and now Sam- anyone see a pattern here?)!!!!!

The commercials seen on TV are misleading, in that Mr. Bale is NOT the prime mover in the story line, Mr. Worthington is. Both men are well cast in this movie, and both have the screen magic that is not camouflaged by reliance on special effects, as tends to be the case with action movies.

Mr. Bale is John Connor, the nemesis of Skynet and its machine minions. He is as one would expect him to be- tough and resilient, having been introduced to him first, in utero in T1, then as a bratty teenager in T2, and a far mellower and girlie man figure in T3 (The least of the movies in the original franchise, one that probably should not have been made) The Fox tv show, which has probably been cancelled, gives us a believable teenage John Connor facing his fears for his future, and his ability to live up to what his life will be, while trying to outrun the machines in modern day America, while in high school. I found the series to be well done and a good use of the original storyline for a tv show. The actor is certainly an improvement on the one who played him in the seond movie.

In this current outing, in the first of a new Terminator franchise, Mr. Bale does credit to what has preceded this particluar story, and if what he has done in reviving the Batman franchise is any indication, then this new Terminator is in very good hands indeed.

Mr. Worthington's character is a man, once on death row, who finds himself 15 years in the future, after his execution, which precipitated his donating his body to science (Cyberdine, a partner of Skynet) While on death row, he shows remorse for what he has done, and accepts his execution as the appropriate penalty for the deaths of his brother and two police officers. He does not play the victim. When he reappears, he has no idea what has trnaspired, and is unaware that he is now a cybernetic organism, half human and half machine. When his new "reality" is made known to him. he does not accept the "dark/machine side of his new self, and never rejects the sanctity of human life. He chooses, freely, human over machine, good over evil, and is key to the destruction of Skynet's labs in SF, and the saving of John Connor's life.

Good vs evil, man vs machine are the key elements in this movie, and everyone recognizes that the machines must be destroyed so that mankind may live. NO half measures are proposed or considered. It is a true depiction of good vs evil, amd the sacrifices that are made to ensure that evil does not triumph.

What a great movie for Memorial Day!!!!

Geoff's take is pretty much the same. The normally elegant Helena Bonham Carter gives a very different performance, as a character that simply personifies evil. Her American accent was well done, but probaly not needed, as it adds very little to the character.

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