30 May 2009

To be Catholic in America

This month has certainly taught us what it takes to be Catholic in America. Starting with the Notre Shame scandal, the Supreme Court nomination, and the nomination to the ambassadorship to the4 Holy See- one who was not a practising Catholic would think that the True Faith was simply a do as you want proposition. The damage of Vatican II and its dissenting adherents certainly bore fruit this month, the month of Our Lady. The premier Catholic institution prostituted itself and sold its soul, Church teaching is publicly downgraded by Doug Kmiec and his new allies at the NCR and the MSM, and abortion continues to undermine our identity.

Our bishops, and not all of them, to their shame and our embarrassment, are slowly awakening to what they have wrought through sins of commission and omission, as we the laity have by ours. Theirs is the greater scandal, as they are princes of the Church, and allowed this to happen. They abdicated so much of their authority, and defied the Holy Father on matters both large and small, and we now are re3aping what this has sown for us.

His Holiness was correct when he was elevated to the throne of Peter, when he mused that he saw a smaller church. Hopefully this does not mean aschism in America, but we appear to be heading in that direction. May God have mercy on us all.

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