03 May 2009


Ever since the Notre Shame scandal first broke, I have been of the opinion that we as Catholics, have been there before, and today, while in the hotel's indoor pool, trying to exorcise the spasms in my back (still there, by the way), it hit me. The Land o Lake charter, so proudly promulgated and shamelessly promoted by Notre Shame and other like minded fellow travellers in the hierarchy of Catholic higher education- These so called Catholic clerics and academicians were so proud of themselves for their open defiance of the Holy Father and the teachings of Holy Mother Church- their exploits and the subsequent disasters facing the Church in America for the last forty years, so easily fit the crisis template being exploited by the current administration today- "Let no crisis be wasted" is their battle cry in 2009, as they attempt to finish off the remnants of Western Civilization that the so called "Enlightenment" did not, and replace it with a totally unwanted and secular financial system and society. Both used the press- did you hear how the administration is threatening to unleash its lapdog media onto the Chrysler bond and share holders for having the audacity to stand up for their rights under the rule of law? Both are applauded by the press as saviors of "the people". Holy Mother Chruch survived the onslaught and is slowly but surely growing again, man made scandals aside. But will America survive? Where are her Cardinal O'Connor's? Where are her battle weary regiments of citizens? The tea parties are a great start, so there is still time to stop the madness. But do we, as individuals and as a society as a whole, have the moral certitude with which to do so? France has never recovered from the Enlightenment.

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