27 May 2009

New Blog Alert!!!!

As many of you know, I have a soft spot for Marie Antoinette, martyred Queen of France and her husband, Louis XVI. I always have had this, and it was only reinforced whne I read a book on the Carmelites of Compiegne,. whose martyrdom has always brought me to tears, so much so that I actually felt that I was being called to become a Carmelite, and had contacted several Carmels to pursue this. Obviously God had other plans for me. While bloggin, I have made the wonderful acquantaince of a fantastic author, who also is a Third Order Discalced Carmelite. Elena Maria Vidal, of the blog This wonderful woman, author of "Trianon" and "Madame Royale", both of which I have recently read and have promised to review here soon, once we are FINALLY settled, has a new blog that is also a must read- Drop by, follow her on her journey, and read her books!!!!

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