14 August 2009


I realize that I have been posting links to other bloggers on this issue, but what these bloggers have to say reflects our opinions, and with our finally closing and moving into our home, I did not want to forget what these men and women had to say. While I usually disagree with the USCCB on most of their liberal issues, Archbishop Chaput begs one to give pause with his depth of teaching and thought. He is opposed to the health care bills as presented, since abortion will be allowed. I oppose the health scare because of that issue, the fact that there are NOT 47 million Americans without insurance, but most of all, because I fear for my country if this abomination were to be enacted. Governor Palin rightly recognizes the euthanasia driven issues facing all of us, the seniors now, but all of us as we progress through time. Remember Terry Schiavo? Her murder was the bell tolling for us and most of us failed to read the significance of it. Most of us saw the judicial callous murder of a loved woman, terribly disabled, but loved and wanted. Her life had value, as all human life does, being a direct gift from God. Now the eugenics and euthanasia enthusiasts are coming out of the woodwork with their bait and switch tactics (no wonder their natural affinity is to the Democrat party)

My skin crawls whenever the big O is on tv, or I hear his voice. Maybe I am reacting to the presence of evil incarnate? For how else does one explain the butchering of my country's values, my country traditions and values, my country's actual hisotry and her accomplishments, my country's exceptionalism in being the only beacon of freedom for the world. I will go down fighting, but I will fight for my country. Will you?

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