24 November 2009

Catholics and the Public Square

For the past several weeks, this country has been treated to the shenanigans of Representative Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator from Massachusetts. He apparently has a compulsive need to publicly call out the Roman Catholic Church, and his bishop, in particular. His actions, in which he has been the source of the revelations concerning the bishop;s directives that he refrain from the sacraments due to his public actions, are execrable and those of a person deficient in good moral character. They are cowardly in that he releases what purport to be private communications and counselings from his bishop, and then whines like a girly man and coward when the bishop (how DARE he) defend the Church and Her teachings in public. The bishop, throughout this situation, has reacted the way that a real man would- calmly and temperately, especially since he knows that he is dealing with a man child. The Representative is behaving cravenly, and as a bully- he is not getting his way and he knows it. The Kennedy aura and mystique cannot be pulled over his bishop's eyes and he is panicking.

The better man has already won, as has the Church of which he is a member of its episcopate. Now, where were McCarrick and O'Malley when they participated in the burial of the father?

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