23 November 2009

"The Other McCain" Inaugural Award

In honor of His Awesomeness, the Fearless Leader of the VRWC Blogosphere, I am announcing the inaugural "The Other McCain" Award.

Nominees MUST meet the criteria of being outrageously outspoken, MUST BE conservative/republican males. Female groupies are more than a fashion accessory. NRA membership not a prerequisite but a turn on for the fairer sex. Blogging is NOT necessary, but those who have NOT been banned by LGF face an uphill challenge.

Winners may simply cut and paste this image to proudly display on their home computers or their blogs. (I did not create the image, but found it after an extensive search, spurred on by Adrienne's challenge to our Rule 5 when she posted Ricardo Montalban)


  1. A - that is hysterical!! I'll post it when I get back home.

    But, but - only guys can win it. We need one for the ladies...

  2. In fairness to the rules, Stacy has not been banned at LGF, to my knowledge.

    Arguably, though, he's enjoyed a higher form of crucifixion.