22 November 2009

Rule 5 Sunday for Conservative Women

Stealing the thunder from Adrienne's Catholic Corner (for having the audactiy to spend the night with our fearless leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of blogosphere, The Other McCain) I hereby announce the creation of Rule 5 Sunday for Conservative Women. We are fully aware that our principles are sound and that we are the future, as we have neither aborted nor contracepted away our children. Those of us blessed with children usually have larger families, and I present this weekly posting as to the reason why- we simply are overwhelmed by God's command to go forth and multiply and these gorgeous men are the reason why. Girlie men will NEVER be found here, nor will traitors, Democrats, liberals, moderates, progressives, etc. (I know, I should simply shut up and stop overkilling with the synonyms!!!) For those of us without the blessings of children, these postings will ease aching hearts, as we gaze upon real men, the macho ones who will put us on our pedestal and do everything in their power to keep us there, to defend our very lives, and to keep God in his life and the USA forever free, whatever the cost.

I present to you my beloved Geoffrey, Rule 5 entry numero uno!!!! (He is the cute one with LTC North, another outstanding Rule 5 for conservative women eye candy)

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  1. Man, I wanted to do this a few weeks ago on a blog I've started but I've been too busy to keep up with it!