05 November 2009

Election 2009 musings

Our country has survived to fight another day- the Republicans won in Virginia and New Jersey, but not in NY-23. Geoff and I, along with our intrepid conservative dachshunds, watched the results until 11 PM. The shock of the Corzine defeat was simply wonderful. Hving come from NJ ourselves, we watched as the votes came in, and after 50 percent had been tallied, and Christie held a 50 to 44 lead, we were awestruck. He held this lead until 77 percent of the votes were tallied, when it shrank to 49 to 45, but it held and he won. We have watched the shenanigans and blatant illegalities used by the Dems in NJ to get their way (remember Torricelli?), and while we prayed Christie would win, we also remembered our history. Have not been so happy to say that I was once a Jersey Girl, but can now.

On behalf of Doug Hoffman- thank you for such a heroic stand against evil. You held firm and hopefully the RNC, the RCCC, and the RSCC will get the message. If they don't then we know where to go to vote. Not third party, but NOT ONE RED CENT to the RINO supporting party elites at the Republican Party.

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