22 March 2010


Has anyone noticed that Father Paul Marx, the founder of Human Life International, died the same day that Stupak announced the selling of his soul? 

Unfortunately, and this is NOT hindsight, I knew in my heart that Stupak Iscariot would sell out- he said as much at a town hall in his district last October.  He is a Democrat, a willing member of the Party of Death.  Only a fool would have expected him to vote against this bill.  At the time of the November vote, I stated here and on other blogs that his "amendment" was only going to provide cover for other so called "prolife" Dems and to the execrable Pelosi.  I have always maintained that a Democrat is lying when his lips are moving, and that they will ALWAYS support abortion, no matter what. 

I really hate being right in this instance.  Cassandra was right about Troy and I was right about Stupak, my congresscritter Boccieri and all socalled prolife/moderate Democrats- there ain't no such thing.

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