31 March 2010

Regina Ann McKenna, RIP (16 May 1929 - 31 March 2010)

Regina McKenna, my beloved godmother and my mom's identical twin sister, died today.  She is the first of her generation to leave this earth and she will be sorely missed. 


  1. Death is not extinguishing of the light; it is putting out the candle because the dawn has come.

    Aunt Regina was very special to you and I know that you will miss her very much.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. The last one is especially wonderful as the resemblance between the two of you is remarkable. Thus I feel both inside and out you will always carry Aunt Regina with you!

    Many people, myself included are praying for you, Aunt Regina and your family.


  2. You should see the resemblance I had with my Dad!